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Federal Criminal Investigation and Indictment

Michigan State Court Prosecutions

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All criminal cases including allegations involving narcotics, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, wire fraud,

credit card fraud, medical marijuana, criminal sexual conduct, stolen automobiles, wrongful search and seizure,

drunk driving, assault and battery and domestic violence.

Federal  Indictments

When you're up against the power of the government...


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Paul Stablein

With more than 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system, my firm is dedicated 

to helping its clients and their families manage the devastation and embarrassment of investigation, arrest or prosecution. I represent individuals and companies in every stage of the criminal justice process - whether police or federal agents are just beginning to ask questions or a client is in need of an appeal of a wrongful conviction.

I approach each client's case with my full attention and dedication, and when the government points the accusatory finger, your protection is my primary goal. 

- Paul Stablein